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Covered Bridge


The bridge was built in 1862 by David Wood to replace the Sparks Bridge washed out in January of that year. Douglas fir timbers and sugar pine shakes were manufactured at the Wood and Fagg sawmill located near Plum Valley in Sierra County. Construction was finished by October 1862.


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Bridgeport Barn


This historic classic Dutch style barn was built in the early 1860's.



During it’s heyday it was used for animal stalls and pens, storage of hay and farm equipment, and repair of wagons and shelter for visitors passing through on the Virginia Turnpike.



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Birds of Bridgeport


As you walk through the park, stop, look, and listen. You may be treated to the sights and sounds of some of the park’s most elusive residents—birds. Stand quietly along the riverbank and you may hear the clattering call of a Song Sparrow. Pause as you walk along the rock wall and a Hermit Thrush may pop out from its hiding place.


Click the Birds Brochure button to see a comprehensive listing of the birds most commonly seen at Bridgeport

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Bridgeport Historic Ranch - A Self-Guided Trail


In the 1850s and 1860s, Bridgeport was a transportation center for supplies moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to the California gold fields and the Nevada silver fields.


Up to 100 wagons per day used the Virginia Turnpike and crossed the covered bridge during this period.







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Trees and Shrubs of the Buttermilk Bend Trail


The South Yuba River State Park is part of a natural plant community called a Blue Oak Woodland.


Here you can find, a multitude of trees and shrubs. The rainfall here is higher than in the central valley, which promotes greater variety and density in the plants and animals.



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Wildflowers of South Yuba River State Park


When spring arrives in the Nevada County foothills there is no better way to welcome its arrival than with a walk among the beautiful wildflowers at South Yuba River State Park.


The Park is well known among locals for its spectacular explosion of wildflowers most springs. The display changes every week, so come more than once! Docents will identify the flowers and explain some of their natural history and traditional uses.


Docents provide guided wildflower walks beginning on March 11, and will continue every Saturday and Sunday through May 14 at 11:00 a.m.


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Photo Credits: California Department of Transportation