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The visitor center is always a work in progress, with volunteers adding new displays and upgrading existing ones. 


Volunteers also serve at a sales counter where many nature publications and maps can be purchased and free brochures obtained. 


All profits from sales are used by the South Yuba River Park Association(SYRPA) to enhance the park and encourage visitors to return.


The South Yuba River State Park ranger station is in the same building as the visitor center, and fully-plumbed rest rooms are out back.

Facilities and Activities at the Park


This show describes facilities and activities at the park.


Also, it is a good place for new visitors to become familiar with the park's most important features and how they got there.


Facilities and Activities at the Park
Run Time 9:27 min

Barn and Park Headquarters


The Barn and Park Headquarters viewed from high up on a side road on the other side of the river. The modern Pleasant Valley Road bridge is on the left and Wood's bridge peeks out on the right.

Sales Counter


A cheerful greeting and a wide variety of items are available at the sales counter.


Displays and Information Books


Pictures, displays, and information books, viewed from the sales counter

SYRPA Volunteers in Action

Volunteers in Action

Similar view, bustling with activity on Ghosts of Bridgeport Day


Wood's Bridge and Bear

Woods Bridge

Scale model of Wood's bridge, and our recently-added bear.

Native American Life

Native American Life

Native American life at Bridgeport, long before Wood's bridge was built

Photo Credits: Herb Lindberg